Our Story

[ch-o-bhi | pronounced chau-bhi] – is the Bengali term for photograph.  Chobhi is a celebration of artisans and photography in your style. We celebrate by sharing our photographs capturing nature, on beautifully handwoven scarves. Chobhi was born out of a vision between two best friends, Ronjiny Basu and Tanima Majumdar, with a goal to create ethical fashion and empower women artisans. Our unique scarves have been popularly coined as “wearable art” by VOGUE. We hope that our ‘chobhi’ connect with your heart!

Co-founder, Tanima captures the form and patterns found in nature, blending her photography and handmade fabric into "wearable art!" Our scarves are made to order exclusively for Chobhi using a very fine eco-friendly digital print mode best suited to the range of colours in the photography. We do not use any chemicals or dyes on our scarves which are harmful not only to our artisans but customers.    

We take pride in carefully handpicking fine fabrics made from 100% natural and organic fibers. Chobhi scarves are sourced from the ‘Land of Cashmere’ in Kashmir and uses the finest wool, silk and cotton fabrics. Our scarves are a testament of fine quality and craftsmanship. Read about our Fabrics

Each scarf is handwoven with love and care by rural women artisans who practice the ancient craft technique that has been passed down from generation to generation. Chobhi is proud to support our skilled artisans to ensure this tradition is not lost. Meet our Artisan Women