Meet Our Artisans

Chobhi's workforce, empowered women artisans from rural parts of India

Chobhi is proud to support skilled artisan women from the breathtaking hills of Kashmir – ‘the land of Cashmere.’ These artisans use ancient craft techniques that have been passed down for generations. By supporting these artisans you ensure that these traditions are not lost.
Today the art of weaving is transferred to machines, degrading the quality of the workmanship. Our scarves are handwoven on a traditional handloom with love and care in the comfort of our artisans' homes, creating more jobs and using less energy.
Kashmiri woman artisan who works for Chobhi
The art of handweaving and Cashmere wool fabrics have been produced in Kashmir for thousands of years, traditionally for royalty. With each purchase you help empower our artisans and keep their craft traditions alive. Recently many of our Artisans lost their homes due to a devastating flood in Kashmir. Chobhi has dedicated resources to support our Kashmiri artisans to help them rebuild their way of life and craftsmanship.